DETA Microcredentialing Pre-convening

In October, 2022, in partnership with the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and the WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technology (WCET), Dr. Tanya Joosten of DETA facilitated a microcredentialing pre-convening prior to the WCET Annual Meeting at Hilton Denver City Center.  The pre-convening was held with professionals and experts in digital education.  The purpose of the event was to enhance our understanding, as a field, of quality and success in microcredentialing to inform future efforts in research and evaluation, in particular, a DETA Microcredentialing Research and Evaluation Toolkit.  We have developed a summary from a pre-convening to share with the attendees and others to inform their own research and evaluation efforts.  Please feel to post or forward comments and questions.   

Image of cover of report

We are immensely appreciative to all of those that took the time to participate in the event and were open in sharing their thoughts and ideas to help advance the field as a whole, in particular, Cynthia Proctor of SUNY, who presented their advanced efforts in developing a system-wide microcredentialing program.  

We appreciate those who helped in contributing to the development of the summary to help disseminate those ideas to the greater community. A list of those who participated and contributed can be found on the end page of the summary.  

Most importantly, a special thanks to:

Laura Pedrick, Executive Director, UWM Online, for the sponsoring of the event and institutional knowledge to inform our efforts, and 

WCET, including Megan Raymond and Kim Narwocki, for their endless support of DETA’s efforts and advancing our knowledge of learning innovations in the ed tech community through events and communication.

Infographic of microcredential characteristics
infographic of characteristics of a microcredential program
infographic of learner goals
infographic of institutional goals
Table of stakeholders
Table of outcomes

Please forward any requested edits or additional information to include in the report or addendum to detaresearch (at)

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