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The DETA Research Center invites you to submit annotations to our Research Collection.  Use the form below to submit an entry and our editors will review your submission for inclusion on our site.  If you are interested in volunteering as an editor, we invite you to contact us for more information.

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Link may be available via e.g., Allen, M., Bourhis, J., Burrell, N., & Mabry, E. (2002). Comparing student satisfaction with distance education to traditional classrooms in higher education: A meta-analysis. The American Journal of Distance Education, 16(2), 83-97.
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Separate keywords with a comma and list as indicated by the authors (e.g., distance education, online learning, student-instructor interaction, engagement).
Link may be available via e.g.
Link may be available via e.g.
Please include your annotation of the article - it is key to the success of the project. Visit the Purdue Owl for instructions and examples.
Right-click and copy link from "Cited by" option beneath the reference listed in Google Scholar.
Identify the data collection technique.
Explore this Outline of Academic Disciplines for more information.

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