Digital Learning Innovation Trends

DETA identified the digital learning innovation trends by creating a process that examines not only expert opinion or public media and communications on trends, but also the published peer review literature.  Using the developed protocol, communications, media, and articles were systematically pulled and content analysis was performed to identify these trends.  With hundreds of pages of data, DETA was able to prioritize the analysis for this report.  The results of their efforts resulted in the Digital Learning Innovation Trends report supported by Every Learner Everywhere and the Online Learning Consortium.

The report was also highlighted in an article from EdSurge entitled, It’s 2020: Have Digital Learning Innovations Trends Changed, where they describe our process:

“Joosten and her team collected data from the combination of a three-year review of Online Learning Consortium’s Digital Learning Innovation (DLI) Award submissions, plus a review of documents produced by industry leaders, national organizations advancing technology in learning, journals and peer-reviewed research, news and media sources, and prominent research centers, with a focus on post-secondary education within the US over the past 18 months.”

The interview of Dr. Joosten, PI and Director of DETA, bu Kate Lee-McCarthy, OLC, and Dr. Justin T. Dellinger, dLRN, discussed the lack of empirical research and  corresponding lack of data-driven evidence that can inform effective implementations.  As described in the article “‘Because findings are not disseminated in a way that is approachable to the masses,’ she explained, ‘a way where everyone can receive the information and help guide practice.’ While peer-reviewed journals are important mechanisms to share research, she feels that scholars can also present the results of those studies in other ways to help influence practice in a more timely manner. Joosten also argue that the field should evaluate trends through subgroups of underrepresented students to promote equity.”

Download at Every Learner Everywhere or direct from DETA.


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