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The No Significant Difference database was first established in 2004 as a companion piece to Thomas L. Russell's book, "The No Significant Difference Phenomenon" (2001, IDECC, fifth edition), a fully indexed, comprehensive research bibliography of 355 research reports, summaries and papers that document no significant differences (NSD) in student outcomes between alternate modes of education delivery.  Redesigned in 2010 and provided as a service of WCET, (WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies), a division of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, the database was designed to expand the offerings from the book by providing access to appropriate studies published or discovered after its publication.


This site is intended to function as an ever-growing repository of comparative media studies in education research. Both no significant differences (NSD) and significant differences (SD) studies are constantly being solicited for inclusion in the website. In addition to studies that document no significant difference (NSD), the website includes studies which do document significant differences (SD) in student outcomes based on the mode of education delivery.



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In its new home on the DETA Research website, the database is intended to continue to function as an ever-growing repository of comparative media studies in education research. The current collection is in need of both updates to the current records, as well as the addition of current and emerging research.  As such, both NSD and SD studies are constantly being solicited for inclusion in the website.  If you are interested in assisting as a contributor or editor, contact us.

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The Video Tape Presentation versus the "Live" Presentation: Better, Worse or the Same?


...the students learned the same amount, as measured by test performance, whether they were taught by the videotape-discussion method or by the lecture-discussion method...


No Significant Difference

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A Case Study in the Benefits and Costs of a joint Industry/University Designed Program Featuring Integrated Delivery Methods


...there was little variation among final grades for students enrolled in the three modes (studio site, videoconferencing sites, and videotape sites)... no significant performance difference is noted between those who took the course on campus or at a distance, and for the distance learners, course delivery mode did not make a difference . Yet it was surprising to note that those who watched by videotape rated the course considerably higher (4.57) than those who participated live and . . . interactively by videoconfereince (3.77). To the statement 'The technologies used made me uncomfortable,' the group that disagreed the most (indicating the highest comfort level ) were those using videotape, followed closely by the campus group.

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