Use of Teaching Methods within the Lecture Format

Jennifer Butler


A survey was carried out at Dorset House School of Occupational Therapy, Oxford, into the perceived effectiveness of different teaching methods used within the lecture format in the Human Biology Courses for Year 1 and Year 2. Results showed that the traditional, didactic lecture was perceived by the students as the least effective method used, yet by involving the students actively within the lecture time the format was enhanced and was regarded as a more effective teaching/learning tool. Experiential tasks and learning packages used within the lecture format were also perceived by the students as effective. Some trends were noted relating to the age of students and the different perceptions of effectiveness of teaching methods. The implication of these results on the planning and financing of courses is discussed.


APA Citation

Butler, J.A. (1992). Use of teaching methods within the lecture format. Medical Teacher, 14, 11-25.

About the Study

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Publication Type Journal Article
In Publication Medical Teacher
Type of Research Mixed methods
Research Design Survey research (qualitative or quantitative)
Intervention/Areas of Study
Level of Analysis Student-level
Specific Populations Examined First-year students
Peer-Reviewed Unknown
Specific Institutional Characteristics of Interest
Specific Course or Program Characteristics Natural sciences
Outcome Variables of Interest Instructional effectiveness
Student Sample Size 100-199
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