Twitter and status updating, fall 2009

Susannah Fox
Kathryn Zickuhr
Aaron Smith


Some 19% of internet users now say they use Twitter or another service to share updates about themselves, or to see updates about others - up from 11% in April.



About 19% of internet users report that twitter is their primary platform to share life updates. Social network users, mobile device users, and younger internet users (age <44) are responsible for growing internet usage. Social net work users: those who already own other social network accounts (e.g. MySpace, Facebook) are more likely to use Twitter. Mobile Internet users: access to wireless internet makes tweeting easier. Younger Internet users: internet users aged between 18 and 44 use Twitter more than other social network service.

APA Citation

Fox, S., Zickuhr, K., & Smith, A. (2009). Twitter and status updating, fall 2009. Pew Internet & American Life Project, 21(10.2009).

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