The Web at 25 in the US

Susannah Fox
Lee Rainie


This report is the latest research report in a sustained effort throughout 2014 by the Pew Research Center to mark the 25th anniversary of the creation of the World Wide Web by Sir Tim BernersLee. He wrote a paper on March 12, 1989 proposing an “information management” system that became the conceptual and architectural structure for the Web. He eventually released the code for his system — for free — to the world on Christmas Day in 1990. It became a milestone in easing the way for ordinary people to access documents and interact over the Internet — a system that linked computers and that had been around for years.



The year 2014 marked the 25th-year anniversary of the World Wide Web. Since 1995, the Pew Research Center has recorded the exponential growth of internet use in our everyday lives. This report (N=857) summarizes (1) Adoption: 87% of American adults use the internet. Adult ownership of cellphone has grown from 53% in 2000 to 90% in 2014. (2) Impact: 53% of internet users state internet would be very hard to give up. Moreover, about 60% of them said internet is essential for job-related reasons. (3)Online social climate: 76% of internet users said they had been treated kindly on the internet.

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Fox, S., & Rainie, H. (2014). The Web at 25 in the US. Pew Research Center [Internet & American Life Project].

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