Out-of-Class Experiences Associated with Student Learning and Personal Development

George D. Kuh


This study examined “out-of-class experiences that seniors associated with their learning and personal development” (p. 125). 149 senior college students from 12 colleges were interviewed with focus on significant events and changes since they began college. Results suggest many outside class experiences, especially leadership activities and work or internship experience in their area of interest positively contribute to a student’s overall education in areas such as critical thinking and organizational skills. The authors suggest that such benefits can also be gained in class if “faculty design learning activities that emphasize acquisition of these skills” (p. 148). The authors suggest “institutional policies must be crafted and faculty and staff attitudes modified in such a way that these out-of-class experiences are viewed as essential rather than in competition with or tangential” (p. 148). As campus climate and peer interaction were also found to correlate with student development, the authors suggest more research is needed into how improving student culture can contribute to the overall campus culture and ethos.



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Kuh, G. D. (1995). Out-of-class experiences associated with student learning and personal development. Journal of Higher Education, 66, 123-155.

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Publication Type Journal Article
In Publication Journal of Higher Education
Type of Research Qualitative
Research Design Interviews
Intervention/Areas of Study Course design, Course organization, Student motivation
Level of Analysis Student-level
Specific Populations Examined Undergraduates
Peer-Reviewed Yes
Specific Institutional Characteristics of Interest 4-year Institution
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Outcome Variables of Interest
Student Sample Size 100-199
Citing Articles https://scholar.google.com/scholar?cites=1184833637667474777&as_sdt=5,50&sciodt=0,50&hl=en