Multimedia, Hypermedia, and Hypertext: Motivation considered and reconsidered

Daniel Moos
Elizabeth Marroquin


Computer-based instruction (CBI) is becoming increasingly popular in the classroom, particularly because the latest technological advancements allow for visually rich and interactive environments. While the inherent nature of CBIs is often thought to engage learners, research examining the role of motivation in learning with these environments has resulted in mixed findings. These findings are further complicated by unique design characteristics of distinct CBIs. This literature review synthesizes research that has examined the role of theoretically-grounded constructs of motivation in the context of three popular CBIs, multimedia, hypermedia, and hypertext. Specifically, this literature review considered empirical studies that examined the effect of these CBIs on motivation, in addition to the effect of motivation on learning outcomes and the learning process within the context of these environments. The literature review concludes with a theoretical consideration of previous research and a discussion of a framework for future directions.


Motivation, Multimedia, Hypermedia, Hypertext, Literature review

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Moos, D. C., & Marroquin, E. (2010). Multimedia, hypermedia, and hypertext: Motivation considered and reconsidered. Computers in Human Behavior, 26(3), 265-276.

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