Measuring the Quality of College Student Experiences: An account of the development and use of the college student experiences questionnaire

Robert Pace


The development and use of the College Student Experiences Questionnaire to assess the quality of students' effort and the attainment of college-related goals are discussed. The questionnaire covers college facilities (e.g., educational, cultural, and recreational), and personal/interpersonal experienced at college. Responses to 14 scales covering 142 activities produce a measure of the quality of effort invested in each of the topics or aspects of college life. Also covered are student background characteristics, including grades, aspirations, and financial arrangements. Additional scales allow students to rate the college's emphasis on the development of scholarly, creative, and analytical qualities, occupational competence, and the practical value of courses. Also covered are student views of personal relationships, the extent of student reading and writing during the current school year, and student satisfaction with college. Finally, students indicate the extent of progress concerning typical objectives. In addition to discussing the reliability of the instrument, findings are analyzed, with consideration to the prediction of achievement, satisfaction with college, and the diagnostic value and significance of quality of effort. Appended are 16 technical tables reflecting statistical results and a 4-page bibliography.



Students believed that they made the most progress in intellectual competencies and self-understanding.
Study focused on the quality of effort as a predictor of students' progress toward the attainment of important educational goals.
All of the activities are voluntary.
If you to go college and make the effort to use the facilities and opportunities it provides you can get a very good education.

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Pace, C. R. (1984). Measuring the Quality of College Student Experiences. An Account of the Development and Use of the College Student Experiences Questionnaire.

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