Facebook: Learning tool or distraction?

Aaron M. Fewkes
Mike McCabe



Social media, Facebook, Educational technology, Web 2.0, Secondary schools, Ontario, Censorship, Policy

APA Citation

Fewkes, A. M., & McCabe, M. (2012). Facebook: Learning tool or distraction? Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education, 28, 92-98.

About the Study

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Mode Technology-enhanced
Publication Type Journal Article
In Publication Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education
Type of Research Mixed methods
Research Design Mixed methods
Intervention/Areas of Study
Level of Analysis Student-level
Specific Populations Examined
Peer-Reviewed Yes
Specific Institutional Characteristics of Interest Masters-granting
Specific Course or Program Characteristics
Outcome Variables of Interest
Student Sample Size 0-99
Citing Articles https://scholar.google.com/scholar?cites=11248383564142393527&as_sdt=5,50&sciodt=0,50&hl=en