Examing social presence in online courses in relation to students' perceived learning and satisfaction

J. Richardson
K. Swan



Distance learning, Interaction, Social presence, Learning effectiveness, Student satisfaction, Faculty satisfaction, Perceived learning, Asynchronous learning, Computer-mediated learning, Computer- mediated communications


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About the Study

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Mode Technology-enhanced, Blended or Hybrid, Online
Publication Type Journal Article
In Publication Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks
Type of Research Quantitative
Research Design
Intervention/Areas of Study
Level of Analysis Student-level
Specific Populations Examined
Peer-Reviewed Yes
Specific Institutional Characteristics of Interest Public
Specific Course or Program Characteristics
Outcome Variables of Interest Learning effectiveness
Student Sample Size 0-99
Citing Articles https://scholar.google.com/scholar?cites=10255136952457692926&as_sdt=5,50&sciodt=0,50&hl=en