Developing a pedagogy of mutuality in a capability approach: Teachers’ experiences of using the Open Educational Resources (OER) of the teacher education in sub-Saharan Africa (TESSA) programme

Patricia Murphy
Freda Wolfenden



Pedagogical change, Africa, Teacher educators: open educational resources, Learning, Primary schools, Sustainability


The Tessa (teacher education in sub Saharan Africa) program aims to improve teacher education at scale by developing open educational resources (OER) that allow sustainable and locally managed pedagogical change in higher education institution and schools. The article offers research approach to understanding pedagogical change that recognizes the dialectical relationship between national policies and institutional structures and practices, and the consequent impact of these on teachers' practice and pupil's learning.

It is extending an experience of quality education to all pupils is the central aim of the global free primary education policy adopted across countries in sub-Saharan Africa. The realization of this policy is, dependent on the quality of teachers and recent reports have highlighted the key role of teach education in shifting modes of interaction in African schools to those which more fully support pupils learning.

In summary, it makes clear that curriculum and assessment reform is a necessary condition for change but not an effective mechanism for it. Teachers education programs can drive pedagogical change in schools and sustain it and at the same time begin to influence policy response to pedagogical change.

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