Decision Making for Student Success: Behavioral insights to improve college access and persistence

Benjamin L. Castleman
Saul Schwartz
Sandy Baum


Each year, many students with affordable college options and the academic skills needed to succeed do not enroll at all, enroll at institutions where they are not well-positioned for success, or drop out of college before earning a credential. Efforts to address these challenges have included changes in financial aid policy, increased availability of information, and enhanced academic support. This volume argues that the efficacy of these strategies can be improved by taking account of contemporary research on how students make choices. In Decision Making for Student Success, scholars from the fields of behavioral economics, education, and public policy explore contemporary research on decision-making and highlight behavioral insights that can improve postsecondary access and success. This exciting volume will provide scholars, researchers, and higher education administrators with valuable perspectives and low-cost strategies that they can employ to improve outcomes for underserved populations.


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Castleman, B. L., Schwartz, S., & Baum, S. (2015). Decision making for student success: Behavioral insights to improve college access and persistence. Routledge.

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