Completing College: A national view of attainment rates

D. Shapiro
A. Dundar
J. Chen
M. Ziskin
E. Park
V. Torres
Y.C. Chiang


The Great Recession has weighed heavily on college completion rates, according to a new study by the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. The report finds both declines in college completion rates nationally and at every type of institution and across all student age groups.



This study which uses nationally reprehensive data from the National Student Clearinghouse looks at six-year college outcomes. The data is a broken into several categories including college or university type, two-year and four-year institutions, private and public schools, nonprofit and for-profit institutions, as well as individual-level student demographic data. After the statistical models are run, the authors compare completion rates of transfer students, adult learners, and out-of-state students. They end with a brief discussion on policy implications.

APA Citation

Shapiro, D., Dundar, A., Chen, J., Ziskin, M., Park, E., Torres, V., & Chiang, Y.C. (2012). Completing college: A national view of attainment rates. National Student Clearinghouse.

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