A Meta-Analysis of Three Types of Interaction Treatments in Distance Education

Robert Bernard
Philip C. Abrami
Eugene Borokhovski
Anne Wade
Rana Tamim
Michael Surkes
Edward Bethel



Distance education, Meta-analysis, Student interaction, Interaction treatment

APA Citation

Bernard, R. M., Abrami, P. C., Borokhovski, E., Wade, C. A., Tamim, R. M., Surkes, M. A., & Bethel, E. C. (2009). A meta-analysis of three types of interaction treatments in distance education. Review of Educational research, 79(3), 1243-1289.

About the Study

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Publication Type Journal Article
In Publication Review of Educational Research
Type of Research
Research Design
Intervention/Areas of Study
Level of Analysis Student-level
Specific Populations Examined Undergraduates
Peer-Reviewed Yes
Specific Institutional Characteristics of Interest
Specific Course or Program Characteristics
Outcome Variables of Interest Academic achievement or performance, including assessment scores and course grades
Student Sample Size 500 +
Citing Articles https://scholar.google.com/scholar?cites=1868103856502601231&as_sdt=400005&sciodt=0,14&hl=en