Introductory Biology Online: Assessing Outcomes of Two Student Populations


M. Johnson




no significant differences were found in outcomes for students in the two modes of instruction… Based on post-tests, online students were as successful as on-campus students at acquiring an understanding of biology content, acquiring graphing skill, increasing reasoning ability, and developing positive attitudes toward science… ANOVA detected no significant difference in means for reasoning post-test scores between online (M = 9.66) and on-campus (M = 8.56) classes… no significant difference in pre-or post-attitudes between online and on-campus students for interest in biology and confidence in ability to succeed in biology … This study found that there were no statistically significant differences in outcomes for students in online and on-campus biology classes… This study provides evidence that certain types of students can learn as much biology content, develop their reasoning and graphing skills, and have as positive attitudes toward biology as those enrolled in an on-campus class.

About the study:

Finding No Significant Difference
Links to Article http://www.nsta.org/main/news/stories/journal_archive_date_list.php?category_ID=89&issue_ID=825

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