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We often hear jokes in higher education about writing and publishing papers that no one will read. As scholars, we chase citations and as practitioners we work hard to find our place within the community of scholarly inquiry. It shouldn’t have to be this way. With DETA, we aim to break the barriers of traditional scholarly research to provide useful, accessible, and valid research that can be used to improve teaching, care for students, inform design practice, and drive administrative decision-making.

Listed here on this site are multiple ways that you can contribute to this community of educators, practitioners, and change agents.

Ways to Participate

Share findings and practices from your institution as research stories, briefs and publications

Perform participatory research at your institution as a partner

Contribute to and edit the research collections

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Becoming an Institutional Partner

The DETA Research Center has several studies in which we are looking for institutional partners for a fall data collection. Interested in being a DETA Partner? The data collection consists of DETA gathering institutionally warehoused data, most likely from your student information system, and the administration of a survey to your blended, online, or competency-based education students. Please complete this form to show your interest.

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Research shouldn’t be written and not read. Rather, talented scholars and practitioners should come together to make sense of the vast libraries of education research, and leverage that knowledge to improve practice and surface new questions to be answered. Does this interest you? Join us, and help us build something amazing.

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